Upcoming events

    • 5 Dec 2021
    • 13:00 - 15:00
    • Bulimba Community Centre, 1 Barramul St, Bulimba, Brisbane

    We are anticipating a big attendance at our Annual hive competition, Sunday 5 December 1-3pm at the Bulimba Community Centre.

    Anyone is allowed to enter the hive competition; you do not even have to be a member of the ANBA. We want to show-case and promote the diversity and ingenuity of our bee-keepers. There are many categories that hives can be entered under. There is also a category for our solitary bees because we simply cannot neglect these important pollinators. And we have a special visitor lined up to judge.

    The Rules are:

    • Hives can be made of any material and can be any shape or design but must be able to house native bees.
    • Hives can be full or empty of actual bees, ideally you have one of each.
    • Hives can be standard hives which are painted/ decorated. Fire up your creative side!
    • There is no limit to the number of individual entries.
    • Anyone is allowed to enter the hive competition; you do not even have to be a member of the ANBA. Just turn up with your exhibit and be prepared to describe it verbally to the crowd.

    The Categories are:

    • People’s choice (secret ballot),
    • Judges Choice. Judge yet to be selected,
    • Best Paint Job,
    • Best Native Bee/ Insect Hotel, (Note there were no entries in this category last year, so could be an easier one to win you prize)
    • Best tool, device or accessory.
    • Best commercial hive (secret ballot)
    Yes, that’s right, we have introduced a new category: "Commercial hives"! Everyone loves innovation and novelty but let’s also celebrate the commercial box builders. These industrious folk strive to place on the market a high performing hive box at a reasonable price. If you are one of these valuable members of our stingless bee community, please enter the competition. It’s free, just turn up with your box and a promotional sheet with contact details and price to accompany your exhibit. Sales on the day are welcome. If you are in the market for a new box, looking for better ways of doing things, or just curious, come along and enjoy the friendly but gently competitive nature of this popular Brisbane branch event. 
    • 10 Jun 2022
    • 18:00 (AEST)
    • 12 Jun 2022
    • 20:00 (AEST)
    • Rosehill Gardens Racecourse, James Ruse Dr, Rosehill, Sydney, NSW 2142

    Beekeepers, farmers, educators, industry leaders and researchers are invited to share knowledge at the 3nd Australian Native Bee Conference over two days 11-12 June 2022. Go to the conference website for more details: 


    Members receive discounted tickets, you can save money by joining first, wait until you are accepted and then register for the conference at the discount rate. Join here,   https://australiannativebee.org.au/join-us

Past events

4 Dec 2021 Sydney Native Bee Community AGM
20 Nov 2021 Native bee information display
7 Nov 2021 ANBA AGM and Brisbane branch November meeting
17 Oct 2021 Coffs Harbour Branch workshop
9 Oct 2021 Cassowary Coast Branch Meeting
9 Oct 2021 Information stall be at Plantapalooza, Rocklea, Brisbane
3 Oct 2021 Brisbane branch October meeting
11 Sep 2021 POSTPONED until Feb 2022, Native bee workshop ANBA Mid-north Coast
11 Sep 2021 Cassowary Coast Branch Annual General Meeting
5 Sep 2021 Brisbane branch September meeting
25 Jul 2021 Native bee workshop, Cairns
24 Jul 2021 Native bee workshop, Innisfail
4 Jul 2021 Brisbane branch July meeting
20 Jun 2021 Coffs Harbour Branch meeting
13 Jun 2021 Rockhampton Branch meeting
6 Jun 2021 Brisbane branch June meeting
23 May 2021 World Bee Day, ANBA at Northey Street Market
2 May 2021 Brisbane branch May meeting- “Using DNA metabarcoding to identify plants used by Australian stingless and solitary bees” by Rachele Wilson
17 Apr 2021 Into the Bush: In search for local Metallic Carpenter Bees
11 Apr 2021 Brisbane branch April meeting - My experiences with PNG bees by Matthew Middleton
13 Mar 2021 Native bee workshop
7 Mar 2021 Trehalulose, a sweet but healthy sugar in stingless bee honey
28 Feb 2021 Native bee workshop at Coffs Harbour
27 Feb 2021 Native bee workshop ANBA Mid-north Coast
7 Feb 2021 February Brisbane branch meeting
6 Dec 2020 ANBA AGM and Hive exhibition
3 Dec 2020 Mid-north Coast branch meeting with Gail albertoni
28 Nov 2020 Bundaberg Native bee workshop
8 Nov 2020 Bee conservation in action
8 Nov 2020 AGM Brisbane Branch ANBA
10 Oct 2020 ANBA Wide Bay Branch Annual General Meeting
4 Oct 2020 Our Journey with Stingless Bees, by Greg and Jennifer Shea
6 Sep 2020 Let me tell ya 'bout the nuts and the bees and the flowers and the trees
23 Aug 2020 CANCELLED Rockhampton Native bee workshop
9 Aug 2020 World of Meliponini // LIVE feed // Francisco Garcia Bulle Bueno
9 Aug 2020 Brisbane branch meeting and viewing and viewing of World of Meliponini // Live feed
2 Aug 2020 Cancelled: Brisbane branch monthly meeting and viewing of Bees of Eora, Sydney Native Bee Art Exhibition
5 Jul 2020 Genomics of stingless bees by James Hereward, Monthly meeting
7 Jun 2020 Monthly live online meeting
3 May 2020 Live online meeting with Kit Prendergast
1 Mar 2020 Brisbane branch March meeting featuring Brian Cutting
9 Feb 2020 ANBA Rocky Branch Meeting
2 Feb 2020 Brisbane branch February meeting featuring Flavia Massaro
7 Dec 2019 Annual General Meeting of the Australian Native Bee Association
5 Dec 2019 2nd Australian Native Bee Conference
4 Dec 2019 Meeting to form a Wide Bay branch
8 Nov 2019 Gladstone Branch event
7 Nov 2019 Mid North Coast NSW Branch meeting
3 Nov 2019 Brisbane branch November meeting featuring Alex Derrick and Kupae
6 Oct 2019 Brisbane Branch October meeting
25 Aug 2019 Rockhampton ANBA workshop
24 Aug 2019 Gladstone ANBA workshop
4 Aug 2019 Brisbane branch August meeting, featuring Stingless bee Honey
7 Jul 2019 Brisbane branch meeting, featuring Seminar on Native bees for crop pollination by Romina Rader
8 Jun 2019 The Amateur Beekeepers Association of NSW Annual conference
2 Jun 2019 General meeting of Brisbane Branch (ANBA Inc.)
5 May 2019 General meeting of Brisbane Branch ANBA

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