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World of Meliponini // LIVE feed // Francisco Garcia Bulle Bueno

  • 9 Aug 2020
  • 14:00 (AEST)
  • 10 Aug 2020
  • 15:00 (AEST)
  • Live on Facebook,


  • Attend in person

Join Francisco through his discoveries into the World of Meliponini, the stingless bees, around our planet. Learn about his recent journeys into the Philippines, Brazil, Mexico & Australia and how the diversity of of the Meliponini tribe has captivated Francisco for many years and right into his current PhD research & exciting discoveries on mating, aggregating and the reproductive behaviour of one of Australia’s Indigenous honey bees, Tetragonula carbonaria.

Francisco is currently undertaking his doctoral studies at the Faculty of Science, University of Sydney, on ‘Native bees as alternative crop pollinators: reproductive behaviour of Tetragonula carbonaria.’

LIVE feed with Francisco Garcia Bulle Bueno.

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