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Brisbane branch August meeting

  • 7 Aug 2022
  • 13:00 - 15:00
  • Bulimba Community Centre, 1 Barramul St, Bulimba, Brisbane

Please join us on Sunday 8th August at 1 pm AEST for our monthly meeting, ft. guest speaker Kit Prendergast on “The Diversity of Bees in the Land Down Under and how to ID them”.

After Kit's presentation, we will hold our branch AGM. Members have been sent an email with details.  

Abstract: Australia has an incredible diversity of native bees - over 1,500 described, and more awaiting discovery and description! Learn about this diversity, and get a crash course on how to ID them.

Dr Kit Prendergast is a native bee ecologist. After completing her PhD on the impact of urbanisation on native bee assemblages and the impact of the introduced European honeybee on native bees and pollination networks, she has worked on diverse native bee projects including pollinators of apples, pollinators of critically endangered flora, native bee biodiversity surveys in nurseries, mining rehab sites, natural parks, and urban bushland remnants. She recently designed a project involving installing bee hotels for recovery of cavity-nesting bees after bushfires funded by the Federal Government. In addition to her research she is a keen science communicator and engages in community events and festivals, sharing her passion about native bees. She runs the Facebook group “Bees in the burbs”, has been on “Gardening Australia”, and is the author of a number of books, including “Creating a Haven for Native Bees”, and has a YouTube channel “The Bee Babette.”

All are welcome to attend in person at Bulimba Community Centre, 1 Barramul St, Bulimba, Brisbane. Free for ANBA members, $5 for non-members. ANBA members can also attend by Zoom, a link to join will be sent by email prior to the event.

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