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Cassowary Coast Branch Annual General Meeting

  • 11 Sep 2021
  • 09:00
  • Warrina Lakes Innisfail
Cassowary Coast Branch will hold their Annual General Meeting on Saturday 11 Sep, at 9am.
Location: Warrina Lakes Innisfail.
Come and enjoy some food and drinks, hear what’s happening, have your say, and vote on branch matters.
We will be voting on the branch executive roles. The minimum is Chair, Secretary/Treasurer, but we can nominate other positions, such as separate Secretary and Treasurer.
We will plan our communication using WhatsApp and Facebook groups, so people know we are up and running and planning our events and meetings.
We will try to address everyone’s wants and needs in terms of what you are looking to get out of being a part of the association, so that way we can retain members and appease everyone.
The new book on Native bee honey should be available to buy.
Of course, there will be bees! We will be doing a walk around spotting the natural hives located at Warrina Lakes. There will also be a few boxed hives present.
We hope to obtain the observation hives (A.australis and T.sapiens) as branch property and need a volunteer interested in caring and scheduling out for open days etc. We will discuss whether the branch buy them for such purposes.
Planning for the rainforest school open day on Saturday 18 September. We hope members can attend. We will be taking hives there on display, and lots to talk about.
Non-members welcome but do not have voting rights.
Contact Chairperson: Neil Fraser
Secretary / Treasurer: Jordan Ortt,
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