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General meeting of Brisbane Branch (ANBA Inc.)

  • 2 Jun 2019
  • 12:00 - 15:00
  • THECA, 47 Fleming Rd, Chapel Hill.


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Hive Exhibition

Details: There is no speaker at the June meeting, instead everyone gets a chance to talk about their hive design, which can include mounting, methods of propagation, etc.

You were invited to bring along your amazing hive and gather with the best native bee hives in the area to be peer judged and awarded fame and glory (there is talk about a real prize but fame and glory is good too!)


  • Hives need to be able to house NATIVE bees
  • Hives can be full or empty of actual bees at the time of judging, ideally one with and another without.
  • Hives can be standard hives painted or tricked up
  • Hives can be fashioned in any material
  • Hives can be any shape or design as long as the intention is to house native bees
  • No limit to the amount of hives you can enter.


Prizes awarded for

  • Peoples choice
  • Judge’s choice (Judges: Doug Irvine and Dean Haley)
  • Best paint job
  • Best Native Bee/Insect hotel
  • Accessories

At the last meeting we voted for Hive exhibition to be a three hour event (12 to 3 pm).

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