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Brisbane branch October meeting

  • 1 Oct 2023
  • 13:00 - 15:00

Please join us on for our next meeting to be held on Sunday 1 Oct 2023 from 1—3 pm AEST (Qld) / 2—4 PM AEDT (NSW).

The guest speaker will Dr Marcus Baynes-Rock speaking on the topic: The Domestication of Stingless Bees? 

This is an online only event.  ANBA members can attend by Zoom, a link to join will be sent by email about 3 days prior to the event.

The Domestication of Stingless Bees? by Dr Marcus Baynes-Rock

Abstract:  In light of the widespread interest in keeping stingless bees in Australia, a few questions emerge: Are stingless bees being domesticated? What does being domesticated even mean? What is happening to bee ecologies if they are being kept in suburban back yards? In this presentation Marcus Baynes-Rock explores the process of animal domestication and the place of stingless bees in this process. He approaches the subject from a personal perspective, seeking to understand his own role in the new wave of domestication and how interventions in stingless bee keeping are an inevitable consequence of the practice.

Biography:  Marcus Baynes-Rock is a cultural ecologist who studies the cultural dimensions of human animal relations. His first book, Among the Bone Eaters, is an account of social relations between spotted hyenas and people in the city of Harar, Ethiopia. His second book, Crocodile Undone is an account of the domestication of some of Australia’s native species. His current research involves the multispecies dimensions of Cultural Burning practices.

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