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Native bee hive competition at 2nd Australian Native Bee Conference

26 Oct 2019 16:21 | Tim Heard (Administrator)

The popular native bee hive competition will be held again at the 2ANB Conference. This is a much-loved annual event at the Brisbane Native beekeepers club. At this event stingless bee keeping and designers of solitary bee hotels get a chance to sing the praises of their hive design. In addition to the hive itself, exhibitors show their accessories such as mounting, protecting, and how their hives allow for propagation and honey production.

Beekeepers: bring along your amazing hive and test it with the best. Your work will be judged by peers and experts and, just perhaps, awarded fame and glory and a prize of $100 per category. The categories are:

* People’s choice of most innovative or effective design. To be decided by attendees dropping the name and hive number into a hat, the votes will be counted by the judge.

* Judges Choice, decided by the appointed judge.

* Best Paint Job, decided by the judge.

* Best Native Bee/ Insect Hotel, decided by the judge.

* Best tool, device or accessory, decided the judge.

The Rules are:

  • Hive can be of any material, shape or design, as long as the intention is to house native bees
  • Hives can be full or empty of actual bees, ideally you have one of each
  • Hives can be standard hives which are painted/ decorated
  • No limit to the number of individual entries

See a video of the hive exhibition at the last conference. This was part of the field trip and so numbers were limited. This year’s will be part of the main event at St Leo’s College at the University of Queensland, St Lucia campus, and so better attended.  https://www.facebook.com/AustralianNativeBeeConference/videos/679914732353848/

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