The newly formed Australian Native Bee Association Inc. (ANBA) aims to build a dynamic member-based organisation dedicated to protecting all native bees (not only stingless bees), protecting our members and providing great learning resources and social experiences. The aim is not to impose rules or restrict activities, but to provide a nurturing environment in which we can all learn from each other, while respecting differences, and in the process protect and utilize this precious natural resource.

The cost of joining the ANBA is $50 per annum for standard membership. The benefits of joining this association include:

  • ·         Public Liability Insurance for meetings and field days,
  • ·         Access to a website where newsletters and high-quality information will be available for all members to view and share on other social media platforms,
  • ·         Networking opportunities and a contact hub to connect beekeepers together to share experiences and information on bee diversity, people, climates, habitats, techniques and ideas,
  • ·         A discount to the annual native bee conference.

The ANBA is registered to operate nationwide, but we encourage LOCAL BRANCHES to form. Upon joining the association, members choose to affiliate with a local branch or remain unaffiliated. Branches can raise and manage their own funds. The well-established Brisbane Native Beekeepers Club, with nearly 500 members, has already voted to become the Brisbane Branch of the Association. Branches retain some autonomy but need to follow a few guidelines as stated under The Rules of the ANBA.  Some of these guidelines are:-

  • ·         There needs to be a minimum of five (5) financial members.  All members of the Branch would need to be financial members of the ANBA.
  • ·         There would need to be a meeting of interested members to start the process of forming a Branch.
  • ·         The authorisation for setting up the Branch is carried out by the Management Committee.
  • ·         Each Branch shall elect a Chairperson and Secretary/Treasurer plus other officers as appropriate. The duties of the Branch Secretary include keeping proper books and accounts and preparing annual statements.
  • ·         Any Branch funds left over after paying all membership fees to the Secretary of the Association, is the property of the Branch concerned and shall be banked in the name of the Branch.
  • ·         The Branch must meet at least three (3) times per year.

If you are interested in forming a local branch, please contact Trevor Weatherhead (0427 960735, or Tim Heard (0434 416053,

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