Australia Post releases a stamp issue featuring Australian native bees

14 Jun 2019 07:56 | Tim Heard (Administrator)

On 14 May 2019, Australia Post released a stamp issue featuring Australian native bees by wildlife artist Kevin Stead. There are more than 1,500 native bee species in Australia, most of which are solitary and all of which are a vital part of our natural environment, particularly as pollinators of native flora. Many native bees are able to perform “buzz pollination”, whereby the pollen is literally shaken free and dispersed by the vibrations of the visiting bee. Regular honey bees cannot perform this kind of pollination. The stamp issue depicts representatives from the four main native bee families in Australia: Resin Bee (Megachile macleayi), Green and Gold Nomia Bee (Lipotriches australica), Wasp-mimic Bee (Hyleoides concinna) and Neon Cuckoo Bee (Thyreus nitidulus). 

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