Time to prepare for the next Hive Exhibition

24 Aug 2021 22:56 | Tim Heard (Administrator)

5-Dec-2021, 1-3 pm.

A signature event of the Brisbane branch is the annual Hive exhibition (https://australiannativebee.org.au/event-4465111). Each year it attracts many wonderful entries. Exhibitors, it is time for get your exhibit ready. Winter is an excellent opportunity to make your box ready for stocking with bees in the spring.

The Categories are:

• People’s choice (secret ballot),

• Judges Choice. Judge yet to be selected,

• Best Paint Job,

• Best Native Bee/ Insect Hotel,

• Best tool, device or accessory.

The Rules are:

• Hives can be made of any material and can be any shape or design but must be able to house native bees.

• Hives can be full or empty of actual bees, ideally you have one of each.

• Hives can be standard hives which are painted/ decorated.

• No limit to the number of individual entries

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