Bee hotels to boost bees after bushfires

6 May 2021 11:29 | Tim Heard (Administrator)

The Australian Native Bee Association is delighted to announce that we have been successful in securing the Federal Government's Bushfire Recovery Grant! The project, titled 'Bee hotels to boost bees after bushfires' will be the first in the world to use bee hotels to augment bees in areas where fires have destroyed their nesting habitat. The project, devised by Kit Prendergast, involves both intensive on the ground surveys as well as an Australia-wide citizen science effort equipping people across the country in fire-impacted areas with the knowledge and skills for boosting bee populations with supplementary habitat in the form of bee hotels. Kit as well as Rachele Wilson will be providing presentations and assistance to community members on the community bee hotel monitoring. Over the next few months Kit will be providing information, educational resources and workshops – if you live in an area where fires occurred, are a member of Landcare, environmental or Men's Sheds groups near fire affected areas, please get in touch by emailing

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